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mark amery

I have become a big fan this year. I love to listen to TAL whilst doing the housework. The infidelity one was a peach. Love M

Beaut Commute

You lucky, lucky thing. I also think, after listening to a recent show on Pennsylvania State being a 'Party School' that you just couldn't do that on TV. It would seem like a cross between 'Our World' and 'Wild On' .The New Yorker (is my blog eating itself?) had this to say. I don't necessary agree about the smugness. : http://www.newyorker.com/arts/critics/television/2007/04/16/070416crte_television_franklin


My fave radio series! I just scored myself Series 1&2 of the TV version of TAL and am very much looking forward to watching them...
Earlier this year I was immensely privileged to sit in on a session with TAL's production team (including Ira, Julie and Nancy) and hear them share their production secrets.
It was fascinating hearing why they cancelled the TV show after just 2 series, even though they won Emmys for it. It's because, unlike radio, it is very hard to recreate things that have already happened for TV... otherwise, you'd be making drama. Plus, they always had a larger - much larger - audience for the radio show and they were concerned about the toll that the TV series was taking on the core product and the core audience.
I guess Radio killed the TV Star!

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