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Hey cow rules, and I've never heard of anyone else that's played it before.


Best car game ever...THE MARSHMALLOW GAME

Requires 1 (or more) large bag of marshmallows.

This game has fairly basic rules: open all car windows and throw the marshmallows at objects on the side of the road. Points are scored for direct hits only and are allocated according to unusualness of object and degree of difficulty (i.e. large road sign 1 point, cow in field 10 points, car going in same direction 5 points, getting it in the window of another car 50 points, if the other driver eats it 3million points).

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Quite an interesting blog will come back for more.


Well, I'd most likely root Jagger, shoot Richards (for hooking up with the Russian waitress) and marry Reed (because that would make me Laurie Anderson!).

Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

Hmmm. It's a tough call but I think I'd have to root Zeus, shoot Richard Dawkins and marry Jesus.

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